hey world!!

Please note: Doug took the liberty of writing a blog even though its our turn so some of this could be a repeat.

We have offically turned our movie in and we could not be happier!! Everything turned out a lot better than we had expected to. The last night was a little chaotic but no worries we got it done on time. Now we are working on our trailer and blooper reel. And let us just say we have an absurd amount of bloopers, particularly from the one and only Heidi (aka Lina Feeley). Other than the bloopers and trailer, we are officially done so we can kick back and relax….just kidding!!! There’s still a lot to do for the festival. Some of us are writing screenplays, some are making TSTs and others are helping with other festival related things. 

The Jackfruit crew may be one of the best since every one of us contributes to the crew. However, our actors are really out of this world. Evan, who plays Luke, has been in countless plays and other acting jobs so we kind of knew he was going to be good. Despite this, he still shocked us with his performance. You’re going to just have to wait and see but let us just say its an incredible performance. Our other actor, Eric, who plays Kyle, was less experienced in comparison to Evan. Nonetheless, he delivered. Going into it Eric was definitely underrated but he has really proved himself. Both actors really surprised us with their talent and chemistry.

Over the course of the year, our crew has grown to be very good friends. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs but in the end it was a great experience for us. Now that we are at the end we have been reminiscing over the entire year and we are very happy to have experienced the making of this movie together.

We would also like to mention that depsite representing a very good-looking succesful crew, Jackfruit is a disgusting fruit (ignore what Lina says).


Peace and blessings,

E Ryan and Mike McCarthy


ps. we dont have a picture because we are writing on this sweet PC in the English computer lab since our computers are currently being occupied.




Well Hello Again Internet World,

Doug here with some exciting news. Our movie has been finished. After a very stressful last few days (or should I say months) Senior-Skip Day is finished. That’s right, finished. This movie has been in the works for over 2 years when Michelle wrote it in 10th grade. And two years later it has been finished! Just last week we filmed our last scene, the running back montage. We got great shots and great performances from both Evan and Mr. Balkus, so like always things were falling into place. To be honest, the last few days our movie seemed to fall apart as we continued to add new music from both Caleb and Maria. Tensions rose as we were informed we had to cut down a 4 minute montage in half. After much debate and back sass from a certain producer we all agreed on a great new montage. Over the last few days we were never worried about finishing on time we just wanted to make sure everything down to the last audio level was perfect. But just like everything else we did we were able to pull through because as jackfruit says, its falls into place.

After our movie was finished we can all agree that we are extremely happy with how it came out. Most of our expectations of our movie were passed and we are all very proud of ourselves. We can all say that we finished our movie with no set backs and it came out exactly how we planned. The reason is because of the amazing crew I was honored to work with. This has been a big year for me in life and in film, but one thing I could always count on was my crew. I was gifted to work with such amazing actors this year. Going back to pre-production I was nervous to see how Evan and Eric would do together on scene since they did not know each other. As we filmed not only was I blown away by incredible acting but also by the genuine relationship they were able to form between their characters and as crew memembers. We also had a great editior, Lina who was able to help do anything we told her. Another huge contribution to our crew is Mike McCarthy. He came up with most of are day off montage. Mike was always coming to film with a great attitude and was ready to work. Mike was very dedicated to making our film the best it could be and we couldn’t have done it without him.

Going back to what I said earlier, this was a huge year for me in film. I was moving from an assistant director to a Co-Director. Having been put on a crew with two other directors I didn’t know made me nervous at first. This year I had big shoes to fill as I tried to prove that I had what it takes to direct a movie. Fortunately I was given the two best directors I could have ever asked for. Michelle, E, and I were always one step ahead of eachother. Whenever I forgot something, they would always have my back. We formed an instant bond and worked amazingly as a team. I owe so much to them and I could never say thank you enough.

Overall, this has been an amazing film year. Jackfruit wants to thank everyone involved with film for making another great year. We also want to thank Plum and Cloudberry for joining us in our fruit wars (which we won), and we look forward to new wars next year.

For those of you who are still reading this, thank you for following the Jackfruit blog and we can’t wait to see you at the Film Festival. And now after working on this movie for over 6 months I can finally say,”It fell into place”

Doug Stewart



Why y’all ackin’ ‘spicious?

It’s crunch time in the film world.  Due dates are looming in the future and that means jackfruit is filming, compressing, editing, and making music as hard as we can.  We have been staying until the evening hours every day this week.  Thanks to Mr. Alan for providing the pizza which gets our creative juices flowing.  So far the movie look great.  I am excited to see the rough cut so I can make some new songs.  So far, we put in music for the morning scene and the scene where Evan sneaks back into the school and I think it looks pretty sweet.  My biggest project right now is creating a 5 minutes song for the day off montage.  So far, I’m 2 minutes in.  the toughest part is making it not too boring, because if the same 4 chords play for 5 minutes, I think the audience would get pretty restless.  Nevertheless, I think I can pull it off.  From the scenes I’ve watched, I know the movie is going to be hilarious.  Evan and Eric have so much chemistry even though their characters are polar opposites.   Code word: Santa’s got a brand new bag.


Mike’s Jackfruit Blog

Hi I am Michael from Walpole MA. wW are doing a great job this is the best movie ever. I also meet new friends in film, which is fun. We are half way done, we still have a lot of work. I am in the 10th grade. My year is going well and it just like every other film class and  my cheer and ed. is happy about the movie coming soon.

Mr. Imbusch was great in our movie and we had a busy week. On monday most people  went to patriots place and I went first  sandwich shop.  we ask the work if we could film a few scene.

My favorite scene was the ice cream. I did that idea because  it would be funny and happy like everyone in my crew.

Photo on 11-29-12 at 9.49 AM


see you soon with a another update

It’s Crunch Time.

Hello people of Earth! Evan here with another jam-packed JackFruit blog for you pretty people. Senior-Skip Day is still rolling through production, confidently conquering scene after scene. While we frantically wait for the snow to melt, so we can start filming outside, we have been filming a lot of day off footage. We have 13 out of 17 scenes completely finished, and the scenes that aren’t finished just have some small minor shots to get. Yesterday we made a visit to the Patriots Place Arcade in Showcase Cinemas, and it was real…. REAL.. silly. Don’t get me wrong, we got all of the shots we needed, and they were all fantastic (obviously because Michelle and Doug filmed it), but we had some strange encounters. First, while we were trying to get a time-lapse shot, Eric and I were told to go SUPER intense on all of the games for a couple of minutes. So naturally… we went HARD. But in the middle of us flipping out, a small child walked into shot and started playing with us… it was awesome…(and when i say awesome I mean awkwardly hilarious). AND we met VINCE WILFORK. Him and Eric are bros now, whatever… (even though he didn’t exactly happy to se us). We really have been cruising along. WE have been getting some really great shots. We filmed with Mr. Balkus and as usual he delivered a great performance. Doug, E, and Michelle have been busy getting footage together and scheduling the rest of filming. AND our friend Mike made his first on screen performance last week!! Like usual, we are on track, and in charge.

As for me, i have been doing my part in helping Michelle and Doug with whatever they need. I just want to make sure their jobs are as easy as they have to be. If they need me to learn my lines, i learn them. If they need to me to compress, i compress ’em. They are the directors, they make this whole movie happen and everyone just wants everything to go the way they want.

Something that has been happening lately, someone says when our deadline is, and someone will go “WOAHH THAT’S SO CLOSE”. But I also know that everyone knows that we are in good shape. We have almost every scene done, and we know when, where, and how we are going to film the remainder of the scenes. So what I’m trying to convey to you all is that you shouldn’t have a worry in the world about the Jackfruit crew. We are on track. And we promise to deliver come the night of the premiere.

So until next time, Stay Golden.


~Evan ❤

Photo on 3-27-13 at 9.36 AMEveryone’s hard at work 😉


Waiting For The Warm Weather

Hello again!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 11.03.20 AMEric Jansen here with your weekly Jackfruit blog. We have been doing some big things lately. Last Sunday we filmed a huge scene (Jalapenos)…..everyone crushed it, meaning did well. Michelle and Doug have been going hard with scheduling and editing….Lina has also been slaving over the computer and has started to call Final Cut Pro her new best friend. Art direction has been on point, as always…thanks to E. In the Acting department, Mike, Evan, and myself have been doing well too. Mike had his first lined during that hallway scene and he nailed it.

Personally, I believe that my acting has improved. I have begun to feel much more comfortable in front of the camera. My blogging skills are also getting pretty sharp as well. I can not wait until all this snow melts and then we can get into filming more outside stuff.

Alright as far as this movie is going….it is looking unreal, I can not wait for the final product and to see it on the big screen. Everyone has been working hard and we are coming down to the final stretch. Also March madness is currently going on and my bracket looks brutal…

Talk to you later

Eric Jansen

Montage For Days

Miss Meesh <3

Hi <3333

We are in production and currently more than halfway done with our movie…. 11/16 scenes shot.. Most of the remaining scenes are outdoors so we need to wait until the snow melts (hopefully soon) (probably not).  On Wednesday we went to the Bender’s house to use their in-home gym, since no public gym will let us use their facilities.  We filmed part of our day off montage of Luke and Kyle working out on their skip-day, and it’s HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today we are filming scene in the day off montage at Eric’s house.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 9.24.56 AM

Eric and Evan have been doing a wickkkkkked good job acting, and Doug and Michelle are really killing it with scheduling and director-type stuff.  Elizabeth also was finally able to schedule one of the day off scenes at Jalapeños, which is a big scene for us.  I have been editing and finished scene three yesterday.  Mike was able to come to the Bender’s house with us and helped out with the scene.  Last but not least, Caleb has been working on the music (which is unreal) (esp the music for the opening credits) (but they are all really really good).

Ok so apparently I have some “freedom” with this last part of the blog, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to say that Jackfruit is actually a really good fruit.  See, everyone else in my crew tried it, and hated it.  Clearly they don’t know what good fruit tastes like.  I highly recommend that if you are reading this blog, you go out to the store and buy a jackfruit and eat it.  You won’t be disappointed (no promises).

Until next time,

Lina (xoxo)

So Much Snow

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain”

Well in our case we need to learn how to dance in the snow. This is a typical Liz Ryan quote to help us get through production. We have a lot of outside scenes coming up. Incase you haven’t noticed there is about 2 feet of snow on the ground making outside scenes a little tricky. This puts the pressure on us because there is only three weeks left in production. However, we have only a few scenes left. But don’t let that fool you, these upcoming scenes are some of the hardest in our movie. We are have to film the final encounter with Balkus, the epic race back to school and of course the actual skip day. This scenes are going to be tricky but we have some great ideas. We are also coming up with new ideas for turning the outside scenes into inside scenes. We have some pretty awesome ideas that are going to be extremely funny.

And now I am introducing a new part of our blog, which mark my words is going to become a new trend and is possibly fruit basket worthy. Its called “Meet the Crew”. So here is an interview with Liz Ryan.

Q. What is your favorite part of film? A. Is spending time with her crew and learning about film.

Q. What is the biggest challenge about being Art Director? A. Making sure everyone in the scene is wearing proper outfits that match.

Q. What is your favorite animal? A. Bernese Mountain Dog

Well there you have it. Thats Liz Ryan!

Jackfruit Out!!

So Close But Yet So Far…


Jackfruit is absolutely killing it. We currently have finished 11 out of our 17 scenes, and are eagerly awaiting the snow to thaw so we can start filming outside. Once we get outside, there’s no holding us back! We have been starting to brainstorm various ideas for our day-off montage. There have been some pretty outrageous ideas being tossed around. For example, just moments ago someone had the idea that Eric and Evan should get their ears pierced… for real… so that will be fun… ANYWAYS we have been hard at work in preparation to all the scenes outside, so when the time comes, we will know exactly what we are doing. We have been calling around to Dream Machine, L.A. Fitness, and Jalepenos to try and set up some filming opportunities. Although we remain very busy, we will do our best to keep the people of Earth informed with all things Jackfruit. So until next time, stay golden,

Jack Attack Out!

~Jackfruit ❤

Your Heidi quote of the week comes from a phone call TO L.A. FITNESS…

“Oh Hi! Is this Dream Machine?” ~Heidi

Photo on 2-28-13 at 10.21 AM

Wow… It Sure Has Been a While.

Greetings people of Earth, 

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, so sorry about that.. BUT we’re back and better than ever! As you could probably guess, the reason we haven’t been blogging as much as we should is because we have been HARD AT WORK!! We have finished all of our morning scenes, AND all of our scenes with Ms. Lerner. WE HAVE BEEN FILMING OUR FACES OFF!! Which is a good thing, because we have been making a lot of progress, and it’s safe to say that we are all extremely confident that this movie is on the right track. And now that our FANTASTIC art director E has returned to us, it just boosts our confidence even more. February break is very soon, and we know we are going to make a WHOLE MESS-A progress. Lina is editing every day while we are all out filming, proving to all of us that all this time, she really was a really good editor… who knew? JK WE ALL KNEW. At this very moment we are filming with the hilarious Harry Berkland and Mr. Balkus as we try and wrap all their scenes. And… that’s about it. We have a lot to do in the future, and we sure have done A LOT of work already. And we promise to continue to keep you all updated on all things JackFruit. Until next time 😀

Stay Golden,

                 ~Evan ❤